MCS is “Fiscally Impaired”; BSU to Thieve Prime Real Estate

By: Todd Smekens State Declares MCS, “Fiscally Impaired” Muncie, IN BLOG – The latest saga with Muncie Community Schools (MCS) unfolds as SB-567 was passed by both houses and moves toward the governor’s desk for his signature. In a nutshell, MCS district has been taken away from locally elected board members, replacing them with a […]


Time to Stop Idolizing Greed

Todd Smekens February 11, 2017 Greed Is On Center Stage in Washington Muncie, Indiana – The 2016 election cycle made one thing very clear, and not just in the United States, but throughout the world – “Our leaders are completely out of touch with average citizens.” Progressives were hoping that eight years of Barack Obama […]