ISTEP Results Show More Than Test Scores


By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana (NEWS) – The annual ISTEP test results were released showing the pass/fail rates of grades 3-8 and 10th, and the results are flat. But the scores also tell many other stories. State lawmakers have bet big dollars that charter schools will improve the scores where traditional schools and teachers have […]

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Labor Markets in Indiana Reflect ALEC Influence

labor movement

By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana BLOG – The Indiana Chamber of Commerce released their annual survey showing their┬ápro-corporate laws – those provided to our state lawmakers by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have worked to perfection. However, deflating wages in Indiana comes with some problems as they’ve discovered over the past several years. Instead […]

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Legislative Exchange Council: United States of ALEC


The United States of ALEC Muncie, IN NEWS – Why is it important that we pay attention to what our political leaders are doing? A quote from Plato, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Do Corporations Create Jobs? Well, in this […]

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Lee Hamilton: Apologist or Political Leader?

class warfare

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Lots of pundits, politicians and academicians trying to explain why progressives are supporting Senator Bernie Sanders, or why fed up conservatives are supporting reality television host/billionaire, Donald Trump. However,┬ámost I’ve read in newspapers or listened to on the television are lumping both sides together and calling them “populists”. They use the […]

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Ball State Expands Shilling for Koch Brothers

John Schnatter

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – If you’re a current subscriber to Muncie Voice, then you are no stranger to the Koch brothers – Charles and David Koch. Their “free market” advocacy is nothing more than pure greed and self-interest. The Koch’s have inherited mountains of money derived primarily from coal and other dirty energy sources. They’ve […]

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Ball State Claims, “No Teacher Shortage”

A-F school grades

Muncie, Indiana – The Center for Media & Democracy, who investigates the American Legislative & Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Charles & David Koch corporate funded bill mill, said recently, be ready for Indiana Policy Review to spread propaganda refuting the teacher shortage in Indiana. It took less than a month before the Koch paid […]

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School Choice Is Meant to Abolish Public Schools


MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS – We’ve been using our Facebook page over the summer as a publishing platform to see if it has more impact than creating content online and sharing on social media sites. Owning the content has advantages, but readers enjoy advertising free sites. Content consumers, when giving the choice, choose no advertising or […]

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Cecil Bohanon: A Koch Paid Shill Using BSU for Credibility?

cecil bohanon

(photo courtesy of Pal-Item) Muncie, Indiana BLOG – As we mentioned in our previous article, a former Gannett journalist for the IndyStar newspaper slammed the paper for their lack of moral compass – choosing profits over their employees and choosing corporate CEO’s bonus plans over serving the constituents in their market. Yes, the role of […]

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Capitalism Versus Planet Earth

global capitalism

Muncie, Indiana BLOG – I was reading an interesting article by Fawzi Ibrahim, who is the author of the book titled, Capitalism versus Planet Earth, and he touched on some very interesting concepts worth sharing about capitalism and how we have commoditized everything to make profit and how this economic system we’ve created is now […]

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Right to Farm Bill Pushed by Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil Stadium

cattle CAFO

Muncie, Indiana NEWS– Earlier this month, we shared warnings from Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC), about Senate Joint Resolution 12 (SJR-12), which is oddly called Indiana’s “Right to Farm” act. Many small farmers attended the committee hearing to testify they didn’t need constitutional permission to farm their land. They already have those rights and have farmed […]

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