By Bob Garver The top two movies in the country right now have the exact opposite premise. “Shazam!” is about a young boy who is happy when he turns into an adult. “Little” is about a grown woman who is miserable when she turns into a child. I guess a good companion piece would be […]

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National Financial Literacy Month

By: Nathan Grant 4 Official Terms for Credit Definitions you May Already Know No matter what state your personal situation is in, everyone deals with a myriad of financial decisions each and every day, and juggling them can sometimes feel like you are running on autopilot. Do you even know what some of the money […]


Developing Ideal Employee Skills

Muncie, Indiana BLOG – Businesses run on people. Developing workers with ideal employee skills is an art. It takes competent personnel in every single role to help the business reach its highest potential. Managing those people is a fine art, one that is developed with every interaction between workers and their supervisors. Making the most […]

Community Culture

America’s Biggest Social Divide: Winners and Losers

America’s Social Divide of Winners/Losers October 8, 2017 by Neal Gabler This post first appeared on There are plenty of reasons to bristle at President Trump’s tweets on Puerto Rico, which is suffering horribly from Hurricane Maria, not least of which is the racist suggestion that Hispanics there don’t deserve the same treatment as […]

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Lane Siekman Speaks to Rural Indiana

By: Lane Siekman You know how a particular song just seems to speak to you at a point in your life. The words evoke memories and feelings that fill you with thoughts and emotions. It tends to play constantly in your head and make you reflect on your life and where you are at in […]


11 Ways the EPA Has Helped Americans

11 Ways the EPA Has Helped Americans March 19, 2017 by John Light This post first appeared on The budget proposal Donald Trump’s administration announced yesterday will slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s funding by nearly a third, crippling an agency that has played a key — but often unnoticed — role in American life […]

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Where Free Speech Ends, Ignorance Begins

Where Free Speech Ends, Ignorance Begins March 15, 2017 by Michael Winship This post first appeared on At the risk of sounding like a geezer complaining about “these kids today,” back in my college days, when it came to points of view we were unhesitatingly exposed to literature, teachers and on-campus speakers covering the […]


Obamacare: How Will We Judge Its Success/Failure?

by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica One day very soon, the focus on Obamacare will turn from signing up new enrollees to quantifying the law’s success — or failure. The six-month open enrollment period, during which consumers sign up for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, is supposed to end today. But the U.S. Department of […]

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Koch Brothers: Who Controls the Kochs’ Political Network?

Who Controls the Kochs’ Political Network? ASMI, SLAH and TOHE by Kim Barker and Theodoric Meyer ProPublica, March 17, 2014, 12:35 p.m. Libertarian billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch were among the first to grasp the political potential of social welfare groups and trade associations — nonprofits that can spend money to influence elections but […]


Three Ages of Journalism

A Closer Look: Three Golden Ages of Journalism? by Paul Steiger, ProPublica This morning, ProPublica founder and executive chairman Paul Steiger received the William Allen White Foundation National Citation from the University of Kansas’s White School of Journalism and Mass Communications in Lawrence. Here are his remarks. I’m honored to be here in Lawrence for […]