Racism + Ignorance = Manipulation Politics

By: Todd Smekens Politicians Manipulate Instead of Truth Telling Hate and racism aren’t separate issues from politics. I’ve written about this often and yet, even today, I’m still dismissed as “too political”. That’s funny when you consider how much Indiana loves its hate and also loves electing Republican lawmakers. Are they really connected? Inextricably. The Chicago […]

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‘Religious Freedom Bill’ Exposes the Ugly Side of Indiana

Religious Freedom Bill Brings Darkness to the Light MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – None of the Indiana colleges played in the Final Four Men’s Basketball Tournament, but it was still an emotional week for Hoosiers across the state. A republican governor, with the support of a supermajority of republicans in Indianapolis, who were still feeling the […]

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Racism, Classism, the ‘Us vs Them’ Trap

Muncie, Indiana – For those who follow me on Facebook, know I get into good debates from time to time with people who are prone to racism or classism. As a culture which has undergone years of political correctness, we’ve learned to take our isms underground. We use code words to hide our ism’s. It […]


Indiana: A Southern Red State

We updated our August article to include a map of individual political contributions which illustrates how the south and Midwest changes from 1992 to 2012 – very pertinent to this discussion. MUNCIE, Indiana – Our founders insisted a vigilant populace must be kept informed because there were powers who would threaten our freedoms. They didn’t […]