The Impact Farms Have on Our Health and Environment

The greatest assets we are able to pull from the earth provide sustenance for ourselves. We don’t simply rely on the earth as a big hurtling rock to stand upon, we need it for the very resources that keep us alive. This is why, as we move forward into an uncertain future in which climate […]

Business Wellness

Fair Trade – Health and Environmental Benefits

What is Fair Trade or what it’s not? Convenience is a highly-valued luxury for consumers. Unfortunately, convenience can often come at a cost. A consumer may be thrilled to find a trendy shirt for $5, but is it worth it if it was produced in a sweatshop? Though consumers will likely never come face to […]

Business Culture Government

Capitalism Versus Planet Earth

Muncie, Indiana BLOG – I was reading an interesting article by Fawzi Ibrahim, who is the author of the book titled, Capitalism versus Planet Earth, and he touched on some very interesting concepts worth sharing about capitalism and how we have commoditized everything to make profit and how this economic system we’ve created is now […]

Food/Drink Wellness

For Your Health: Organic Food versus Non-Organic

Consumer demand for healthy, sustainably grown food has grown the organic market from just $1 billion in 1990 to nearly $30 billion today. Increasingly, consumers are saying “No” to foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), “No” to highly processed junk foods, and “No” to foods that come from factory farms. Health tops the list of […]


Monsanto and Big Food Pull Out the Big Guns

Winning our Hearts and Minds? Monsanto and Big Food Pull out the Big Guns Monsanto and Big Food are taking the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds to the next level. And it’s no coincidence that they’re pulling out the big guns just as the Washington State I-522 campaign to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) […]