How to Sneak Healthy Foods Into Your Everyday Diet

MUNCIE, Indiana  BLOG – Seems just about every time you pick up a magazine or browse online you inevitably see something like, “How to lose weight without even trying!” or “The pill that takes off 10 pounds in a just three days!” It’s ironic, too; according to a recent Gallup poll, one-half of the country […]

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America’s Transformation is Painstaking

America’s Transformation Begins In Chaos Muncie, Indiana NEWS – With each new discovery and article written over the past several years, I’ve declared, “America is at a turning point.” However, it’s really just me uncovering a new truth needing absorbed, and then shared – critical thinking skills in practice. Are we ready for solutions? I […]

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Raising the Leaders of Tomorrow: How Your Child Can Become a Global Citizen

Creating Global Leaders Today Muncie, Indiana NEWS– You have dreams that your child will become an upstanding individual who embodies a thoughtful, well-informed and passionate character. There are ways you can foster your child’s development into a global citizen. By using a number of resources — whether it be a travel abroad experience or exposure […]


Why Has Pope Francis Upset Conservatives?

Photo courtesy of Bernie Sanders Invited to the Vatican MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS – Pope Francis has invited Bernie Sanders to the Vatican. The Pope is not actually meeting with Bernie, but he’s asked the democratic presidential candidate to meet with his own version of a “think tank” on economic policy. The Pope has been very […]

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Green Home: 4 Tips for a Greener and Healthier Home

Time for the Green Home You’ve Been Wanting Muncie, Indiana NEWS– According to a 2012 poll by Harris Interactive, there was a continued decrease in green attitudes and behaviors since 2009. For example, only 61 percent of respondents reported reusing things they own instead of throwing them away or buying new items. Meanwhile, buying food […]

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Lunch Hour

Take Time For You During Lunch Breaks Muncie, IN NEWS– Stop working through lunch and spend an hour focusing on yourself. Tackle the afternoon refreshed and recharged. Make a habit of spending your lunch break doing one of the following stress-busting activities to boost your overall well-being. Hit the Gym Make the most of your […]

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Pope Francis vs Conservatives: What’s at The Heart of His Message?

(photo of The Vatican courtesy of Wikimedia) MUNCIE, Indiana – As we pointed out in Part I of our discussion about the writings of Pope Francis, he has shaken the core of the conservative party, or at least those who’ve been willing to share their thoughts about it. I refer to it as a spiritual […]

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Addiction: How did we get to a crisis mode in Indiana?

MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS – The Scott County, Indiana needle exchange program ushered in reluctantly by Governor Mike Pence was a sign that our drug abuse epidemic had reached a point where drug addicts were so hard up for a fix they shared used needles with others who were infected with HIV. Now there is an […]

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What’s the Real Costs/Benefits of Dirty Energy Sources in Indiana?

MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS- All the good news coming from SCOTUS over the past week has caused social media to explode with Hoosiers supporting Same-Sex Marriage and the Affordable Care Act. Buried beneath the good news was Governor Mike Pence’s letter to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and later SCOTUS’ ruling against the EPA. According to […]

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Hoosiers Are Sick: The Failure of Industrial Agriculture

MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – There has been plenty of news coming from Indianapolis which has placed Indiana in a negative light. Unfortunately, all the negative news provided a smoke screen for another year of poor wellness rankings in Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index and County Health Rankings. Hoosiers lost out because they didn’t learn about our poor […]