Protecting Mental Health in Times of Social Isolation

When 2020 began, few people guessed that it would be completely dominated by a small virus that had reportedly broken out in China late in the previous year. In the months that followed, as the coronavirus swept around the globe, it shut down countries, crippled economies, and sent billions of individuals into a state of […]

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The Rise of PTSD Among Younger Generations

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Childhood is supposed to be a time of carefree innocence when the trials and tribulations of the adult world don’t enter your sphere of consciousness. For far too many children and teens, however, those precious years end much too soon if they ever occur at all.  The simple fact is that, no matter how we […]

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How Families Of Essential Workers Can Protect Themselves

Source: Unsplash How Families Of Essential Workers Can Protect Themselves Keeping your work and personal life separate has always been a good idea from a mental health standpoint. A stressful day at work should remain at work. Bringing your work problems home can affect your relationships with your loved ones. The same goes the other […]

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Healthy Spring Living Tips for Seniors

Health is always an essential consideration for a well-lived life. In this current day and age, however, it has become more important than ever. As the world reacts to the coronavirus by asking millions of people to shelter in place for weeks and months on end, it behooves seniors, in particular, to carefully consider how […]

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How to Deal With Being Stuck at Home During the Pandemic

The world is reacting to the coronavirus with a variety of different reactions and expectations. Some of these are simple, such as the perfectly reasonable request for everyone to properly wash their hands. Some require more work, such as social distancing and quarantining yourself if you’re sick. And then there are others that are nearly […]

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Teachers Are Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom

You might think that children are carefree and happy all of the time. They don’t have jobs, bills, or others to care for, so what could they possibly have to worry about? Well, the truth is that today’s children are stressed and experiencing anxiety and depression more than in past generations.  What’s more, the Anxiety […]

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Avoiding an Ableist Mindset During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Image Source: Pixabay ( We’ve all seen the videos: split screens with coronavirus infection tallies and death tolls on one side and images of crowded beaches with hordes of oblivious spring breakers frolicking in the sun.  We’ve all heard the sound bites: desperate mayors of major cities and small towns pleading for every American to […]

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How Telemedicine and AI Are Improving Healthcare Access


As the population ages, the need for skilled healthcare providers will only grow. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system, burdened as it currently is with a significant labor shortage, is little prepared to cope with the rapidly increasing demand. Not all the news is dire, however.  Thanks to the advent of telemedicine and healthcare AI, technology […]

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How City Living Can Impact Your Mental Health


You may love your urban neighborhood, where you can walk to your favorite coffee shop and browse nearby bookstores. If you crave Korean food at midnight, you’ll be likely to find it somewhere. Several museums may be just a short subway ride away, and you have your choice of live shows. You can also appreciate […]

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