Why Muncie Voice?

Why Does Muncie Need Muncie Voice?

To combat yellow journalism at our local newspaper, I founded Muncie Voice under an incorporated media company called Middletown Media.

Muncie Voice consists of a website utilizing social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook to share stories or opinions on other published material.

Currently, the two branded entities are:

  1. Muncie Voice
  2. Muncie Matters

While the main purpose was to develop local content, coverage quickly expanded to state, national and even international stories. As a progressive outlet, we’ve been able to uncover trends and stories not covered by traditional, establishment owned media sources.

Establishment owned media promotes stories beneficial to the establishment. Look at the advertisers in the newspaper. Who controls the community? Who donates money to local non-profits? Who runs the local chamber of commerce?

On a national level, we have now developed into a Kleptocracy with progressives fighting on the left and libertarians fighting on the right.

A handful of very wealthy people and global interests have used the wealth obtained from capitalism to negatively influence our democratic form of government by donating and lobbying politicians in local, state and federal governments.

Progressives seek more a more open and sustainable government free of interference from oligarchs. The first objective is holding our press, government, and private sectors accountable for their role in reducing our democracy to the rule by a few monied interests.

Past and Current Contributors

Aimee Robinson-Fant
Laura Theodore
Erin Stafford
Rachel Buckman
Judy Mays
Heather Collins
Kyle Wolfe
Taylor Gabrysiak
Jody Powers
Holly Deavers Chance
Phoebe Wantz
Todd Terrell
Linda Botkin
Susan Clark-Muntean
Todd Smekens