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Globalization Is Not the Problem

November 26th, 2016 | by Todd Smekens

Trumpism Isn’t The Solution for the Rust Belt By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana BLOG – My immediate goal at Muncie [&hellip

Government = Protection Racket for the 1 Percent

April 22nd, 2014 | by Bill Moyers & Co.

The evidence of income inequality just keeps mounting. According to “Working for the Few,” a recent briefing paper from Oxfam, “In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom&hellip

Reactions to Capital in the Twenty-First Century

April 19th, 2014 | by Bill Moyers & Co.

This week, Bill talked with economist Paul Krugman about Thomas Piketty’s landmark new book that Bill calls “revolutionary.” You can read an excerpt at the publisher’s website, read a Q&A with Piketty at the Times Economix blog and, if you’&hellip

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