Steven Baule Thrown Under the Bus @MCS

By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana BLOG – Sometimes I hate being correct on assumptions, but with the case of Muncie Community Schools, the state and local community was looking for a scapegoat and found one – current superintendent, Steven Baule. I’m not sure what the psychology is but Americans love to persecute the messenger or […]

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Muncie Community Schools “Has a Checkbook Problem”

By: Todd Smekens March 2, 2017 Muncie, Indiana BLOG – I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to avoid reporting on the negative issues surrounding Muncie Community Schools. My previous article¬†called on the community to work together with Dr. Steven Baule. Quite frankly, the negative energy swirling around this subject is overwhelming. Ultimately, this is about our […]