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Muncie School Board Votes to Merge High Schools

MUNCIE, IN – It took all of 10 minutes during their special board meeting of the Muncie Community School Board to end the 51 year tradition of Southside High School tonight in a packed gymnasium inside the Muncie Area Career Center. The school board members were shuttled into the Career Center and once the pledge […]


Muncie Indiana: Tea Party Dupes Residents Again

MUNCIE, Indiana – In what has become a repetitive cycle over the past several years, the Tea Party, which uses the local “citizen organization” called Delaware County Citizens for Good Government, plays a month-long scam on city residents culminating with a giant lie on the residents who live on the south side of our town. […]

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What Being the Whitest Black Guy Really Means in the Heartland; Checking in-50 Years After “The Dream”

What Being the Whitest Black Guy REALLY Means in the Heartland; Checking in- 50 Years after “The Dream” By- Aimee Fant   Photo: Associated Press, USA- August 24th 2013 How very easy it is to underestimate the significance of a great or small thing, when we don’t have a dog in that fight. That’s not to say that […]

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Muncie Community Schools: Our Prejudice Keeps Us Apart

Muncie Community Schools (MCS) have now completed two rounds of Town Hall Meetings as residents were allowed to speak last night at Northside Middle School. A third Town Hall Meeting will be hosted by Wilson Middle School on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm.  MCS has added another option and will post it online shortly for […]