MCS is “Fiscally Impaired”; BSU to Thieve Prime Real Estate

By: Todd Smekens State Declares MCS, “Fiscally Impaired” Muncie, IN BLOG – The latest saga with Muncie Community Schools (MCS) unfolds as SB-567 was passed by both houses and moves toward the governor’s desk for his signature. In a nutshell, MCS district has been taken away from locally elected board members, replacing them with a […]

Community Education

Muncie Community Schools Needs Community Approach

Todd Smekens February 11, 2017 Muncie Community Schools in Peril Muncie, Indiana – I’ve spent the past two months assisting the federal government with administering assessments in schools across Indiana. This has given me an opportunity to speak with administrators in both rural and urban schools. They are all very much aware of local, state […]

City Education

Muncie Schools- Thrown under the Buses they Tried to Save; Waiver Denied

Muncie Community Schools- Thrown under the Buses they tried to save; Waiver Denied “Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan.”- John F. Kennedy Muncie, Indiana- January 14th, 2014 The bus transportation waiver for which Muncie Schools applied was denied by the Indiana State Board of Education on Friday, January 10th, 2014. Muncie Community Schools will […]


Muncie Schools: School Bus Waiver Hearing Concludes

Muncie Community Schools Plead Their Case on the School Bus Waiver MUNCIE, Indiana – As Mark Burkhardt, Chief Financial Officer of Muncie Community Schools (MCS) said tonight to the four members from the Department of Education and School Transportation, “I certainly don’t envy your decision because both options aren’t really attractive.” Mark was referring to […]