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Muncie Mayor Not Seeking Reelection

Earlier this afternoon, an emotional Dennis Tyler announced to a room full of his department heads and the press that he will not seek reelection. At 76 years of age, he’s decided that he will continue serving as the chief executive for the remaining eleven months and then spend time with his children and grandchildren. […]

Business Culture

Muncie Corruption Shines With MadJax Funding Request

By: Todd SmekensBlog – When I previously wrote about the financial problems at MadJax – a makers place, I suggested that the abandoned Ball State project now run by our corrupt mayor’s economic development office might eventually come back to local taxpayers for more money to finish the project. It didn’t take a month for […]

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Madjax Project On the Ropes in Muncie

Is Madjax Still a Unifying Force in Muncie? By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana NEWS – In general, a lot can happen in two years. In Muncie, a town which suffers from decades of SILO building, Ball family control, and political corruption, two years can be an eternity. The former Cintas building was acquired by Sustainable Muncie […]

Education Government

Muncie Community Schools: A Deeper Financial Analysis

By: Todd Smekens March 22, 2017 Muncie, Indiana – After my last article had focused on the poor financial condition of Muncie Community Schools, social media and even broadcast news opened up the floodgates of misinformation. Some city council members tried to prey on the misinformation and fears, but it backfired. Also, readers want to […]

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City Council Takes On Teacher Issue – Complete Failure

Campaigning City Officials Lack Understanding By: Todd Smekens Date: March 7, 2017 Muncie, Indiana NEWS– Dan Ridenour, District 2 council member for the City of Muncie, invited concerned citizens to last night’s meeting to hear about his plans for addressing the near $15 million cash shortfall. It was clear he was preying on the concerns […]


Muncie Corruption – FBI Makes First Arrest

Craig Nichols Arrested on 33 Counts Muncie, Indiana NEWS – The FBI has been investigating Muncie officials for over a year now culminating in an arrest last week of Craig Nichols, Muncie’s Building Commissioner. He was given the position by a newly elected Mayor, Dennis Tyler (D) back in January 2012. Mayor Tyler stepped down […]

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Exide Technologies Gets a Pass to Keep Polluting Muncie

Despite Calls from Elected Officials, Environmental and Health Groups, Feds Deny Requests for Added Protections from Lead Pollution MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS – Indiana’s largest environmental policy organization expressed disappointment about a federal decision not to add additional pollution controls and testing to a proposed settlement in a civil penalties case focused on Exide Technologies, a […]

Community Culture Press Releases

Sustainable Muncie Collaboration to Develop Maker’s Place

Cintas Building Site Purchased for Community Collaboration The Cintas building has a new owner. The building which sits adjacent to Muncie’s core downtown district is now owned and operated by Sustainable Muncie Corporation, a non-profit entity organized to focus on the economic development of Muncie. This Cintas program is focused to attract and support makers […]

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Mayor Dennis Tyler Declares “Muncie Moving Forward”

MUNCIE, Indiana – This past week, City of Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler gave the “State of the City” address to a packed house of attendees at the Horizon Convention Center. While the address is generally retrospective, I get the sense this is yet another symbol of spring, or the birth of a new life for […]


Eva Mozes Kor: A Holocaust Story Comes Alive at Emens

MUNCIE, Indiana – Eva Mozes Kor will speak of her harrowing experiences of personal loss and terror as a human experimentation subject of the Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele – Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death.” Among 3,000 twins chosen by Mengele, Eva was one of fewer than 200 twins who survived this notorious doctor’s fascination with gruesome […]