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Mounds Lake Proposal Not Ready for a Commission

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Opponents of the Mounds Lake Reservoir breathed easier since the Delaware County Council chose not to vote on joining the Mounds Lake Commission during this weeks ordinary council meeting. From what we’ve been told, the lawyers are determining the actual consequences for Delaware County should they vote no, and clarifying what […]


MCS Bus Referendum: What’s Best for Muncie?

MUNCIE, Indiana – When it comes to heated debates over money and politics, Muncie never disappoints. Based on widening political divide, nobody should expect things to change. Our November 5th Muncie Community School (MCS) Bus Referendum has been no exception. Although heated at times, it’s been a good process for the community to go through […]

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What Being the Whitest Black Guy Really Means in the Heartland; Checking in-50 Years After “The Dream”

What Being the Whitest Black Guy REALLY Means in the Heartland; Checking in- 50 Years after “The Dream” By- Aimee Fant   Photo: Associated Press, USA- August 24th 2013 How very easy it is to underestimate the significance of a great or small thing, when we don’t have a dog in that fight. That’s not to say that […]