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What Being the Whitest Black Guy Really Means in the Heartland; Checking in-50 Years After “The Dream”

What Being the Whitest Black Guy REALLY Means in the Heartland; Checking in- 50 Years after “The Dream” By- Aimee Fant   Photo: Associated Press, USA- August 24th 2013 How very easy it is to underestimate the significance of a great or small thing, when we don’t have a dog in that fight. That’s not to say that […]


Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

(Photo courtesy of Fox Alabama) Drug testing assistance recipients As we discussed several weeks ago in Muncie Voice’s article titled “Indiana Bill Will Force Needy Families to Pass Drug Tests“, HB 1483 passed the House by a margin of 78-17 continuing Indiana’s decline into irrelevancy by becoming even more backward. Even though we might stop […]