Indiana Top 5 Drug User

opioid crisis

Indiana has found another area where we rank high – drugs. In fact, we are ranked #5 by a recent report using “Drug Use & Addiction, Law Enforcement, and Drug Health Issues & Rehab as measurements. As the report concludes, red states seem to suffer from drug usage and addiction more than blue states. Here’s […]

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Aids Outbreak Worsens Due to Governor Pence’s Weak Response

Mike Pence

photo courtesy of MSNBC Advocates Call on Indiana Governor Pence and Legislature to Expand Syringe Exchange to Combat AIDS Outbreak Muncie, Indiana NEWS – In recent months HIV/AIDS infection rates have skyrocketed in rural Indiana, in large part because of the sharing of syringes used for the injection of the prescription painkiller Opana, heroin, and […]

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