Smoking Ban Proves Beneficial

Tobacco Quit Line

DATA PROVES BENEFIT FOR DELAWARE COUNTY Indoor Air Pollution Drops 86 Percent Following Implementation of Delaware County Ordinance MUNCIE, Ind. – A new study indicates that workers are breathing easier, as bars have dramatically lower levels of indoor air pollution now than before Delaware County’s comprehensive smoke free air ordinance was adopted. In Delaware County, the […]

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What is Our “Personal Health Manifesto?”


One area where Muncie and Delaware County will experience the most dramatic changes is our health and wellness. Why? Muncie Voice has published numerous articles about our poor rankings in health and wellness. Based on comparable communities throughout Indiana, we rank near the bottom. When comparing one state to another, we also rank near the […]

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Time to Take Action Against the YMCA

Millions of Americans exercise and relax at tax-exempt health and fitness clubs. Like taxpaying clubs, these facilities promote health and physical fitness, but they do not pay taxes. Furthermore, they can accept donations from individuals and corporations who receive tax deductions for their contributions. In effect, all taxpayers subsidize a tax-exempt health club’s ability to […]

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Tobacco Industry’s Design for Civil Wrongs


BY JUDY MAYS, Tobacco Control Advocate/Coordinator, Health Coalition of Delaware County At the very heart of the civil rights movement is the desire and demand for social equality. For over six decades, the tobacco industry has positioned favor in the African-American community by providing equal opportunity programs and financial support of important events and programs […]

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YMCA Should Fund Community Wellness Programs

After the previous articles written about the YMCA, we’ve received many positive responses within the community by citizens who also believe the Y no longer represents the best interests of our community. However, as we’ve indicated, many will not go public with this opinion due to fear of retaliation by this local “Christian” organization which […]

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Caught in the Middle – A Review

Richard Longworth

A review of the book Caught in the Middle by Richard Longworth. Last week, a former Chicago Tribune journalist turned author, Richard Longworth, was in Muncie to speak about his book at the Ivy Tech campus within the Patterson building in downtown Muncie. His book details the painful history of the Midwest, including what led […]

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YMCA Not Deserving Charity

YMCA Downtown

Sometimes it can be very unpopular to point out that the Emperor really is naked, or the sacred cow doesn’t pass the sniff test. Yet, one of my favorite quotes was from Dr. Seuss and his new movie Lorax has been a huge success. He once wrote,  “Be who you are and say what you […]

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YMCA, Profit or Non-Profit (Part 4)

(This is Part 4 of a series of articles questioning the tax exempt status of the YMCA.) When you discuss the YMCA, you get plenty of feedback from community members. The talking points are the Y helps kids and poor people who cannot afford memberships. One of the Y’s members in Yorktown was quick to […]

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YMCA – Profit, or Non-Profit? (Part 3)

(This is Part 3 of a series of articles questioning the tax exempt status of the YMCA.) In Part 2, we discussed the closing of the YMCA’s Southway Shopping Center site in December, 2010. While the executive board pondered the business decision, nobody from YMCA leadership was seeking community advice from the shopping center owners, […]

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YMCA – Profit, or Non-Profit (Part 2)

Fitness Club 2

[This is Part 2 of a series of articles questioning the tax exempt status of the YMCA. The first article can be read at] As stated in the previous article, the Muncie Family YMCA closed its fitness center in the Southway Shopping Center at the end of 2010 while opening a new fitness center […]

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