Indiana’s Ag-Gag Bills Support Agribusiness Lobby

Smithfield investigation

This is an update of the article written in March to include a video produced by Schuman Media Center which further explains Ag-Gag Bills hosted by our friend, Bill Moyers. It should be noted the republican super majority removed the bill shortly after this article, but it’s still floating around the legislature and will most […]

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Vandana Shiva – Fighting Corporate Globalization

vandana shiva

When it comes to fighting social and economic injustices, one name always mentioned is Vandana Shiva from India. She’s taken on Coca-Cola when they tried to privatize part of the Ganges River in India along with Monsanto in their global monopoly of seeds. Dr. Shiva is a strong advocate against corporate overreach which has come […]

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Gun Control Stalls Due to Cowardice

NYT Gun Control

Photo courtesy of Doug Mills/The New York Times In the latest round of, cowardice, or “We appreciate your votes during the election, but we must serve our campaign financiers”, the senate dropped the ball on passing important gun control policies which would have forced background checks for online and gun-show sales and also voted against […]

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Understanding Genetically Engineered Foods

GMO Food

Understanding genetically engineered foods and how to take action at the checkout register By Elizabeth Blessing, MSN, co-founder and chief nutritionist of Green BEAN Delivery The defeat of Prop. 37 by California voters on Election Day in November sent shock waves across the food and agricultural industries. Prop. 37 was a measure that required the […]

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Factory Farms (CAFO’s) Need a Second Look

Right to Farm

Attending the recent CAFO Watch conference in Chesterfield, Indiana, was a second-generation farmer & livestock producer from Missouri named Terry Spence. Mr. Spence is co-founder and president of Family Farms for the Future and CLEAN (Citizens Legal Environmental Action Network). Terry is also an independent consultant for the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project which focuses on […]

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