Muncie YMCA at Tuhey Park?

Muncie Oligarchy Looking for Land Grab in Muncie Very disappointed that our newly elected Mayor Dan Ridenour would work behind the scenes with Jud Fisher at Ball Foundation and Next Muncie along with the president of YMCA, Chad Zaucha, to lease a portion of Tuhey Park in downtown Muncie, Indiana. Last month I learned that […]


Tuhey Pool is More Than Swimming

Tuhey Pool is More Than Swimming Tuhey Pool has been the sole community pool for decades, so you’d think with all the changes that have occurred in Muncie, that Tuhey would have lost its significance. Not even close. When an unfunded mandate came down from the federal government to upgrade the drains, and more repairs […]

Government Wellness

Resident Accuses Parks Board of Unfair Treatment

  This past year has been a shaky one for the City of Muncie’s Parks Board, and tonight’s meeting was no different. City resident, Wayne Scaife, complained to the Board, and more specifically to Parks Board President, Mary Beth Lambert, that he, and other residents, have felt like there is “disparity of treatment” on how […]