Concerns About E-Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) are devices that claim to contain no tobacco, but are designed to look like conventional cigarettes. They are intended to be inhaled, (known as vaping), similar to how a smoker uses conventional cigarettes . They produce a mist or vapor upon each inhalation that resembles and tastes like the smoke produced […]

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Smoking Ban Proves Beneficial

Tobacco Quit Line

DATA PROVES BENEFIT FOR DELAWARE COUNTY Indoor Air Pollution Drops 86 Percent Following Implementation of Delaware County Ordinance MUNCIE, Ind. – A new study indicates that workers are breathing easier, as bars have dramatically lower levels of indoor air pollution now than before Delaware County’s comprehensive smoke free air ordinance was adopted. In Delaware County, the […]

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Tobacco Industry’s Design for Civil Wrongs


BY JUDY MAYS, Tobacco Control Advocate/Coordinator, Health Coalition of Delaware County At the very heart of the civil rights movement is the desire and demand for social equality. For over six decades, the tobacco industry has positioned favor in the African-American community by providing equal opportunity programs and financial support of important events and programs […]

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