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The Age of the Pampered Princelings

What in the world is a Pampered Princeling? How about Donald J. Trump for one. His son and son in law for another. As Naomi Klein recently wrote in The Intercept: Trump has been sucking on a spigot of his father’s cash nonstop since he was in diapers, becoming a millionaire by middle school. According […]

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Senator Joe Donnelly Walks With Big Pharma

By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana Blog – You would expect the newly added Koch puppet senator, Todd Young, would kill the Canadian drug importation bill introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders. What might surprise you is our only elected democrat at the state level in Indiana, Joe Donnelly, also voted against the bill introduced by Bernie […]

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Notre Dame Journalist Says IndyStar Lacks Moral Compass

MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – It’s rare we get to read an article containing muckraking against Gannett by a former employee, yet still a journalist with a reputable organization. If you want to maintain a job within your profession, it’s best if you don’t bash one of the largest publishers in the country. However, when you […]


Ukraine: When Oligarchs Involve Themselves in International Politics

Ukraine Yet Another Example of Oligarchs Meddling in International Politics MUNCIE, Indiana – For those gathering news and information from television or newspaper, you’re missing out on being informed by truth seekers versus script writers. Here is a hint – we now have more power and control over our lives than ever before in history […]