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Who Engineered Racism in Muncie?

Structural Racism was Intentional Design by the Ball Family I was fortunate to meet with Gary Younge, a very well-respected journalist from London when he first came to Muncie. Gary wrote for the Guardian UK and stayed in Muncie for five weeks, leaving shortly after the election. While he was here, it didn’t take him […]

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Where Free Speech Ends, Ignorance Begins

Where Free Speech Ends, Ignorance Begins March 15, 2017 by Michael Winship This post first appeared on At the risk of sounding like a geezer complaining about “these kids today,” back in my college days, when it came to points of view we were unhesitatingly exposed to literature, teachers and on-campus speakers covering the […]

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Trump Needs to Denounce Alt-Right Groups

As Hate Incidents Rise, Rights Groups Urge Trump to Denounce Bigotry December 1, 2016 by Karin Kamp This post first appeared on Alt-right groups are on the rise in America. Since the election of Donald Trump, an increased number of hate incidents have targeted minority groups in America, and the election results are having […]

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‘Religious Freedom Bill’ Exposes the Ugly Side of Indiana

Religious Freedom Bill Brings Darkness to the Light MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – None of the Indiana colleges played in the Final Four Men’s Basketball Tournament, but it was still an emotional week for Hoosiers across the state. A republican governor, with the support of a supermajority of republicans in Indianapolis, who were still feeling the […]


GOP Chairman Endorses Gay Bashing

OPEN LETTER TO REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIR REINCE PRIEBUS Where Does the GOP Stand on Gay Bashing? Dear Mr. Priebus, Fifteen years ago, your predecessor called for party members to shun the Council of Conservative Citizens because of the group’s “racist views.” “A member of the party of Lincoln should not belong to such an […]