Trump’s Davos Speech – Delusion of USA’s Elite

Trump in Davos

Muncie, Indiana BLOG – Trump was given an international stage of the world’s elite to talk about how the United States can move the world toward globalization to benefit the masses, but all he could talkĀ about was the economic power which can buy the world’s most enormous military power. China and Germany will take the […]

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Indiana Chamber of Commerce Damaged Teaching Profession

indiana chamber of commerce

MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – We came across an interesting editorial from a Jay County newspaper, Commercial Review, holding the Indiana Chamber of Commerce accountable for destroying the teacher profession in Indiana. We could hardly believe it came from an Indiana newspaper. We were pleasantly surprised to have some company in East Central Indiana though we’d […]

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Western Media Complicit With Government Lies – Implications

elite media is propaganda

Western Media Complicit With Government Lies – Implications Muncie, Indiana – While many Americans shrug off revelations the NSA is spying on us under the orders of our federal government, mainly by rationalizing, “They’re searching for terrorists, and since I’m not a terrorist, why should I be concerned”. Unfortunately, this stance is letting the trees […]

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Break Up the Largest Banks

bernie sanders

We’ve watched in disbelief as our federal government officials ignore industries which are in desperate need of serious fixes. Healthcare and food are high on the list. Muncie Voice has spent plenty of time focusing on the rapidly increasing costs of our healthcare system, and the unsustainability of our food system. Our food system is […]

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