Presidential Debate 2020 – Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

By: Todd Smekens Against my better judgment, I watched the media‚Äôs presentation of an argument between a no-nothing bully president and a tired old politician. To me, it was symbolic of what this country has become in so many ways. Our ruling class has captured both political parties making one completely fractured between the donors […]

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Oligarchs: These Aren’t Your Benevolent Philanthropists

Muncie, Indiana – Muncie Voice has shared lots of information about how the Oligarchs (ruling class) in our society has used their money to manipulate our democracy. They want you to believe their support of certain non-profit charities means they’re simply good folks using their wealth to benefit society. We know there are wealthy people […]

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Education Reform: It’s Not About Students, It’s About Profits

Read a great op-ed piece from Terry Thrash Nelson, a former high school teacher of mine who is and has been a role model for many students in journalism, drama, and writing in East Central Indiana. Terry is very active in this community and very passionate about education which was clear in her StarPress editorial […]