Cliven Bundy and the Soul of Modern Conservatism

Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy and the Soul of Modern Conservatism (via Moyers & Company) An excerpt of this post first appeared in The Washington Post. When Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy laments that today’s “Negro” has not learned to pick cotton, is he merely a racist crackpot or instead an avatar of modern conservatism? The answer…

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Racism, Classism, the ‘Us vs Them’ Trap

Cafe Cubano

Muncie, Indiana – For those who follow me on Facebook, know I get into good debates from time to time with people who are prone to racism or classism. As a culture which has undergone years of political correctness, we’ve learned to take our isms underground. We use code words to hide our ism’s. It […]

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Indiana: A Southern Red State

rebel flag

We updated our August article to include a map of individual political contributions which illustrates how the south and Midwest changes from 1992 to 2012 – very pertinent to this discussion. MUNCIE, Indiana – Our founders insisted a vigilant populace must be kept informed because there were powers who would threaten our freedoms. They didn’t […]

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What Being the Whitest Black Guy Really Means in the Heartland; Checking in-50 Years After “The Dream”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Being the Whitest Black Guy REALLY Means in the Heartland; Checking in- 50 Years after “The Dream” By- Aimee Fant   Photo: Associated Press, USA- August 24th 2013 How very easy it is to underestimate the significance of a great or small thing, when we don’t have a dog in that fight. That’s not to say that […]

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March on Washington: Twitter Reads on Racial Justice

March on Washington

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. walks in the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (Wikimedia Commons). Muncie, Indiana – On August 28, 1963, hundreds of thousands marched in Washington, D.C., to demand jobs and freedom for Black Americans. Fifty years later, less than half of Americans say the U.S. has made a lot […]

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Muncie Community Schools: Our Prejudice Keeps Us Apart

Muncie Central

Muncie Community Schools (MCS) have now completed two rounds of Town Hall Meetings as residents were allowed to speak last night at Northside Middle School. A third Town Hall Meeting will be hosted by Wilson Middle School on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm.  MCS has added another option and will post it online shortly for […]

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