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Glenda Ritz: “No Make up Snow Days for Indiana Schools”; Fights Disaster Capitalism

Photo taken by Aimee Fant at Murpah Shrine Club, Muncie, Indiana Glenda Ritz Stands for Common Sense Muncie, Indiana – As if Indiana needed another reason to support Glenda Ritz in her common-sense efforts to improve the Indiana educational system and keep it intact, according to Lydia Sheaks of the Elkhart Truth, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz […]


Has Open Government Pledge Been Met by Obama

Has Obama Kept His Open Government Pledge? After eight years of tightened access to government records under the Bush administration, open government advocates were hopeful when Barack Obama promised greater transparency. Four years later, did the president keep his promise? “It’s a mixed bag,” said Patrice McDermott, executive director of, a consortium of right-to-know […]