Indiana Top 5 Drug User

Indiana has found another area where we rank high – drugs. In fact, we are ranked #5 by a recent report using “Drug Use & Addiction, Law Enforcement, and Drug Health Issues & Rehab as measurements. As the report concludes, red states seem to suffer from drug usage and addiction more than blue states. Here’s […]

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Kratom: On the Road to Regulation or Relegated to a Ban?

Kratom is a substance of contradiction, attracting its fair share of controversy since stepping into the limelight in recent years. The herbal supplement is touted as a beneficial holistic medicine by some, yet it has been labeled as dangerous, synthetic, and addictive by numerous organizations, media outlets, and policymakers. Many opponents consider kratom a societal […]


How to Improve Health Care for Aging Adults

How to Improve Health Care for Aging Adults Muncie, Indiana Blog– In the next 42 years, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to double to over 98 million. To put this into better perspective, this means that in the next three minutes, approximately 21 people will turn age 65! Many older Americans […]

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Treating the Opioid Crisis in Rural America

Opioid Crisis Plagues Rural America Midwest BLOG – Addiction typically begins with a legitimate injury or pain that is then rectified by a dosage of painkillers provided by a physician. Once the patient has used the prescribed medications, they are often unintentionally addicted to the substances. When their supply ultimately diminishes, they begin controlling their […]