Elite Media is Propaganda – #FakeNews

By: Todd Smekens BLOG What would the United States look like today if the Elite media in this country was truly independent and held our government actors and industry accountable? Would most Americans be on the same page and have similar beliefs? Why are news agencies like the Washington Post and New York Times writing […]


Indiana Primary Election: Trump and Sanders Show

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – The Indiana primary elections are coming next week on Tuesday, May 3rd to a polling place near your Indiana home. It’s already proving to be one of the biggest shows this year and despite the wins last week by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Northeast, Indiana’s primary is huge […]

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Lessons in Corporate Propaganda by Fortune Mag, Mitch Daniels & Chomsky

MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – Once a year Fortune Magazine bestows a list of the top 50 leaders in the world. One of our Twitter fans sent us a link to the story showing Mitch Daniels with a 41st ranking. From the icon placed beside the link, we could tell they weren’t impressed. Normally, we wouldn’t […]