Is the American Dream of Homeownership Available to Millennials?

In 2018, the homeownership rate of millennials was roughly one in three, a number that was significantly lower than that of baby boomers or Generation X before them. In fact, when compared to past statistics, it equates to several million more adults of working age that are not living in their own homes. Whether they’re […]

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What is Next Muncie?

By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana Blog– In case you’ve not discovered the connections between all things Muncie, we have a trust fund managed by Jud Fisher, a descendant of the Ball Family who became incredibly wealthy off access to cheap natural gas and low land and labor costs. They amassed a fortune even though their […]

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How Millennials are Affected by Debt

Midwest Blog – The dream of getting a job and having your own apartment used to be all but a fact for young adults entering the workforce. Now, it is all but a dream for most. Millennials are best known for living with their parents far past the previously “acceptable age” and spending too much […]


Government Redistributing Income Upward

The Vicissitudes of the Market Would Be a Big Improvement Written by Dean Baker Bob Kuttner has a good column in the Huffington Post comparing the progress made in improving the living standards of ordinary people in the forty years following the New Deal with the deterioration of the last three decades. However the piece […]


Millennials Didn’t Abandon Our Institutions — Our Institutions Failed Them

The Pew Research Center recently released a study finding that the Millennial generation – those born between the early 1980s and 2000 – is increasingly alienated from the major institutions of American society. Many are turned off by religion and…