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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized Nationwide

Image Source: Pexels Netflix’s 2018 documentary Weed The People argues that marijuana has been demonized by misinformation for the last century. Whether or not you choose to believe this, it is representative of a greater social conversation surrounding the drug. Some states have begun to legalize it, and it may only be a matter of […]


Election 2014: Corporations Triumph , Progressive Victories, and Roadmap for Democratic Revival

November 5, 2014 by Peter Dreier Election 2014: This post first appeared on MUNCIE, Indiana – Tuesday’s Republican wave of election victories did not reflect public opinion or the public mood. Instead it was the result of the GOP’s triumph in changing the rules of democracy to favor big business and conservative interest groups, […]


How Colorado Disrupted the Drug War

By David Sirota On January 7, 2014 Since my home state of Colorado legalized marijuana last week, the primary question I’ve been asked by friends, family and colleagues in emails, text messages and phone calls is some version of: “Are you high yet…