Muncie Indiana: Tea Party Dupes Residents Again

MUNCIE, Indiana – In what has become a repetitive cycle over the past several years, the Tea Party, which uses the local “citizen organization” called Delaware County Citizens for Good Government, plays a month-long scam on city residents culminating with a giant lie on the residents who live on the south side of our town. […]


U.S. Economics: Who is Really “Gaming the System”?

Muncie, Indiana – If you listen to Indiana conservatives: Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, Luke Messer, Dan Coats, and all the free market pundits allowed to write in Muncie’s Gannett owned newspaper, like Larry Riley, the Indiana Policy Review and Michael Hicks, you’d think our country was full of lazy people who are “gaming the system” […]

City Culture

Gannett Columnist Obsessing Over Mayor’s Loss

While most have moved on past November 8th elections, there is still one local columnist trying to figure out what could have caused the demise of Mayor Sharon McShurley. In Larry Riley’s 11/16 column titled, “More musings after Muncie city elections”, he ponders the question why voters did not support the republican incumbent. As opposed […]