Notre Dame Professor Chooses False God

Notre Dame Dome

Notre Dame Prof Serving Greed Over Spirit MUNCIE, Indiana – The Holidays are a great time to catch up on unfinished articles and cleaning up email from the last quarter. It’s also Christmas Eve and the Ball State campus is quiet as a church mouse since all the kids are back home with family waiting […]

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Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie: “To Forgive”

Eva Mozes Kor

Muncie Voice-Easter Sunday-April 20th, 2014 Muncie, IN Photograph: Top photo courtesy of Candles Museum. Bottom photo of Auschwitz Holocaust Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie “To Forgive”; photographer, Aimee Fant, Muncie Voice. On Thursday April, 3rd 2014- Eva Mozes-Kor, 80, former Auschwitz Holocaust survivor/Menegele Twin of Nazi Germany, and current resident of Terre Haute Indiana, shared her […]

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Easter Holiday: What is Easter?

MUNCIE, Indiana – Easter is a fascinating holiday tradition filled with both religion and the secular; paganism, Judaism and Christianity. Depending on the language you speak or where you live, it will have different meanings. One fairly constant symbol is it means “life”, or “new life”. We had to dig a bit looking for an […]

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What did the Fox (News) Megyn Kelly Say?

Megyn Kelly

Just days after a firestorm of criticism was hurled toward Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly regarding the statements she made about Santa Claus and Jesus Christ being white men, the satirical Freewood Post reports that instead of admitting her error and/or apologizing in a genuine manner that she doubled-down when she thought she was speaking off […]

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