DNC Leaks and Harvard Exposes Media as Frauds

Hillary Clinton & Media

The Media AND Both Political Parties Are Working Against Democracy Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Plenty has been written about the media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential primary. All the conservative pundits would say the liberal media was unfair to republican contenders. Fox News had plenty of anecdotal comments about the liberal media coverage. Every time […]

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Why Racism Talks Fail in America – Bad Faith

alt-right hate groups

Why We Fail When We Try to Talk About Race in America July 19, 2016 by Eddie Glaude This post first appeared on BillMoyers.com. We asked a number of contributors to share their reactions to a post by activist and author Michelle Alexander that we published earlier this month in the aftermath of the police […]

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America’s Transformation is Painstaking

winds of change

America’s Transformation Begins In Chaos Muncie, Indiana NEWS – With each new discovery and article written over the past several years, I’ve declared, “America is at a turning point.” However, it’s really just me uncovering a new truth needing absorbed, and then shared – critical thinking skills in practice. Are we ready for solutions? I […]

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Indiana Primary Election: Trump and Sanders Show


Muncie, Indiana NEWS – The Indiana primary elections are coming next week on Tuesday, May 3rd to a polling place near your Indiana home. It’s already proving to be one of the biggest shows this year and despite the wins last week by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Northeast, Indiana’s primary is huge […]

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Randi Weingarten, It’s Our Leaders Failing America

randi weingarten

It’s Not the Citizens, It’s Our Leaders Muncie, Indiana NEWS– I’ve never followed Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers – a labor union representing teachers within our public sector. With private sector unions taking a beating over the past several decades, the public sector has been the last bastion of hope. Education reform […]

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Public Speaking: Tips for a Great Presentation

business presentation

Learn to Win the Presentation Game from the Best Muncie, Indiana NEWS – With the 2016 election finding its place on traditional news and social media outlets, the words that the politicians are saying may not offer much in the way of an education but the manner in which they say things does. The modern politician […]

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Middletown Manifesto – Indiana’s Connection to the Big Lie

jeb bush

MUNCIE, Indiana – We chose to work within the already established “Middletown” theme for Muncie Voice because our small Indiana community is a microcosm of the struggling working class, or a casualty of the post-manufacturing industry consolidation which moved overseas during the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the 90’s. Muncie never recovered because […]

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Iraq History: When a President & Journalists Get it Wrong

colin powell

MUNCIE, Indiana – With all the news about the Sunni rebels called ISIS in Iraq, and “War Hawks” appearing on national media outlets beating the same war drums, we thought Hoosiers and Americans deserved a refresher course on the Iraq War propagandizing by former President and Vice President Bush and Cheney, respectively. However, they didn’t […]

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