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How the Health Industry Fails Chronic Pain Sufferers

Blog – President Trump’s recent declaration that the opioid epidemic is a national public health emergency is a great start to tackling the crisis, but it also further brings to light the lack of chronic pain management available for pain sufferers. Currently, the main solution for treating chronic pain is to put out the fire with […]


Fear and Greed Are Privatizing the Public Good

Watching the Privatization of Public Goods By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana BLOG – I ran across two interesting articles this weekend deserving separate attention because they explain what is taking place in Muncie and the United States. The first article titled the “The Soil of American Decline” is very insightful for the general public. I’ve been writing […]


Let’s Get Real – Rising Health Care

Headlines a plenty, and recent articles have all discussed the national issues facing this country, and the republican presidential debates have them front and center during prime time while both liberal and conservative media sources attack the opposing candidates. The super PACs pay millions for negative attack ads compounding the problem of dealing with facts. […]