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Systemic Changes in Public Education

MIDWEST Blog – Schools take the brunt of the budget cuts in the United States. When assessing nationwide problems at an economic and political level, the root of a lot of problems is the quality of our public education system. For such a pivotal aspect of a country’s ability to excel and succeed, it is […]

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Saving our Kids from Well-Armed American Boogeymen

Photo courtesy of The Atlantic Saving our Kids from Well-Armed American Boogeymen This is a letter written by John- age 6, to his best friend Jack- also age 6: *Jack You are my best friend. We had fun together. I will miss you.  I will talk to you in my prayers.  I love you Jack. […]


Dealing With Mass Gun Violence

(Photo courtesy of Alex Brandon/AP) How can we deal with mass gun violence? The tragedy of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting not only shocked the nation but resurrected the debate on gun violence and gun control. Immediately, the discussion of gun control got defined as either a ban on firearms or eliminating gun-free zones. Unfortunately […]