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Lilly Endowment: Link Between Education Dysfunction & Poor Wellness

MUNCIE, IN –NEWS– Last week, we got the results of Gallup-Healthways wellness rankings showing Indiana slipping into the 48th spot, or slightly healthier than Kentucky and West Virginia – two other states known for polluted air and water. There is no coincidence that we also happen to be “coal loving states”. In Indiana, we depend […]


Indiana Education Reform Developed in Boardrooms

Rich Hoosiers Meddling in Indiana Education Reform By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana (BLOG)– There will be a march today in the Statehouse Atrium at 2:00 pm to protest the handling of democratically elected Superintendent of Public Education, Glenda Ritz. It’s mainly to protest the stripping of her powers by Governor Mike Pence and the Republican-led […]


Indiana Youth Institute, “End Poverty With Better Education”?

MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS– This year’s Kids Count results from the Annie E. Casey Foundation have been released, and the Hoosier state has “mixed to improved education results”, according to most newspapers. A press release was sent out last week from the Indiana Youth Institute with several remarks about the report and most Hoosier newspapers simple […]

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Indiana Public Education: Two Visions Keep Colliding

MUNCIE, Indiana – It’s been a super busy week for Indiana Public Education, and it’s only Wednesday. As long as we have two different visions for public education in this state, we’ll continue seeing power struggles. Hoosiers sent mixed messages two years ago, so the dysfunction of the 2012 election will continue playing out in […]