Lee Hamilton: Apologist or Political Leader?

class warfare

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Lots of pundits, politicians and academicians trying to explain why progressives are supporting Senator Bernie Sanders, or why fed up conservatives are supporting reality television host/billionaire, Donald Trump. However,¬†most I’ve read in newspapers or listened to on the television are lumping both sides together and calling them “populists”. They use the […]

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The Media Created Donald Trump by Destroying Politics

Donald Trump

How the Media Enabled Donald Trump by Destroying Politics First March 4, 2016 by Neal Gabler This post first appeared on BillMoyers.com. It is more than a little ironic that the Republican Establishment and the mainstream media are both now in full panic mode over the possibility of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination. You […]

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Public Speaking: Tips for a Great Presentation

business presentation

Learn to Win the Presentation Game from the Best Muncie, Indiana¬†NEWS – With the 2016 election finding its place on traditional news and social media outlets, the words that the politicians are saying may not offer much in the way of an education but the manner in which they say things does. The modern politician […]

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