2016 Presidential Election Was a Grand Production

2016 presidential election

Muncie, IN  – In the future, historians will look back on the 2016 presidential election and say, “That must have been one of the worst years to be an American.”, or “The 2016 presidential election was the beginning of the end for American democracy.” Actually, there are many people nationally already saying it for historians. […]

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Muncie in the International Spotlight


The Guardian’s Gary Younge Writing Middletown Series By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana BLOG – For those who don’t know yet, one of the Guardian UK’s brightest journalist, Gary Younge, has been in Muncie writing a series of articles about “Middletown USA”. Gary reached out to me in the beginning of the Summer to let me know […]

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NBC Has Been Concealing Trump’s Behavior

nbc tower chicago

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – While everybody is focused on Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about women, I’d like to take a step back and explore not just the timing of the videos released by Billy Bush, but the owner of the video – NBC, MGM or NBC Universal, or Comcast. Americans and global citizens are aghast […]

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Third Party: The People Need Representation


Third Party is a “Spoiler” – This is a “Politically Bigoted Word” ~ Ralph Nader Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Well, the first fraudulent presidential debate was on center stage this week at Hofstra University with all pundits pointing to a clear victory for Hillary Clinton. She prepared for the political debate, whereas Donald Trump prefers […]

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Class in America and Donald Trump

labor movement

Written by Karin Kamp This post first appeared on BillMoyers.com. In her new book,White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, Nancy Isenberg rips apart the myth that the United States is a class-free society where hard work is rewarded by social mobility. She examines a piece of America‚Äôs social fabric that is […]

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DNC Leaks and Harvard Exposes Media as Frauds

Hillary Clinton & Media

The Media AND Both Political Parties Are Working Against Democracy Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Plenty has been written about the media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential primary. All the conservative pundits would say the liberal media was unfair to republican contenders. Fox News had plenty of anecdotal comments about the liberal media coverage. Every time […]

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Governor Mike Pence Has a New Motto – “Never Give Up”

mike pence rfra

Mike Pence Had Fallen Into A Political Abyss, Then Suddenly… Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Has anybody been watching the Republican Convention in Cleveland? It’s been a special time in Ohio. Although the hosting governor, John Kasich, refuses to attend his own convention where he lives and governs. Meanwhile, our governor, Mike Pence was there saving […]

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Why Racism Talks Fail in America – Bad Faith

alt-right hate groups

Why We Fail When We Try to Talk About Race in America July 19, 2016 by Eddie Glaude This post first appeared on BillMoyers.com. We asked a number of contributors to share their reactions to a post by activist and author Michelle Alexander that we published earlier this month in the aftermath of the police […]

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America’s Transformation is Painstaking

winds of change

America’s Transformation Begins In Chaos Muncie, Indiana NEWS – With each new discovery and article written over the past several years, I’ve declared, “America is at a turning point.” However, it’s really just me uncovering a new truth needing absorbed, and then shared – critical thinking skills in practice. Are we ready for solutions? I […]

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Indiana Primary Election: Trump and Sanders Show


Muncie, Indiana NEWS – The Indiana primary elections are coming next week on Tuesday, May 3rd to a polling place near your Indiana home. It’s already proving to be one of the biggest shows this year and despite the wins last week by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Northeast, Indiana’s primary is huge […]

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