It Is Never Too Late to Enter The Medical Profession

Becoming a Doctor  You might be thinking that you are too old to enter the medical profession as you are no longer in your twenties and straight out of college. But in reality, as long as you are willing to study and work hard and possess the drive and ambition that you need to obtain […]


What’s It Like to Be a Doctor in the Midwest?

Medicine is medicine the world over, but if you studied, interned, and completed your residency in a big coastal city, then you might wonder what it’s like for your colleagues in the Midwest. Is life slower-paced? Is the money good? Is making the move worthwhile? The Midwest (and rural areas across the nation, for that […]


Drug Prescriptions: Do You Trust Your Doctor?

by Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein, ProPublica Your doctor hands you drug prescriptions for a blood pressure and high cholesterol. But are they the right ones for you? You’re searching for a new primary care physician or a specialist. Is there a way you can know whether the doctor is more partial to expensive, brand-name […]