Indiana Loses $63 Million From Big Tobacco for Starters

IN AG Zoeller

(Photo courtesy of Muncie, Indiana – News kind of trickled out this week that due to Indiana’s inability to collect from cigarette companies that were not part of an original tobacco legal settlement, the state will lose $63 million in next years annual share of tobacco settlement funds – but unfortunately, that’s just for […]

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County Health Rankings for Delaware County

County Health Rankings

The 2013 County Health Rankings were released this week and Delaware County saw a small improvement in their ranking from 87th to 82nd out of 92 counties. While some might want to acknowledge our improvement, we’re still in the bottom quartile. If Indiana was a healthy state, than we might be able to congratulate ourselves, […]

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Medical Industry Requires Further Reforms

health industry

We’ve talked numerous times on Muncie Voice about a variety of systems requiring transformation as we face a new era in the United States. One industry barely altered over the past several decades is the medical industry. Barack Obama pushed through comprehensive reforms, but by the time lobbying groups and politicians completed hacking through the […]

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Why Patients Don’t Report Medical Errors

Hospital patient

Why Patients Don’t Report Medical Errors by Marshall Allen, ProPublica I was recently browsing through the nearly 200 stories we’ve compiled with our Patient Harm Questionnaire, when I was reminded again of a troubling truth. Many of the people who suffer harm while undergoing medical care do not file formal complaints with regulators. The reasons […]

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Smoking Ban Proves Beneficial

Tobacco Quit Line

DATA PROVES BENEFIT FOR DELAWARE COUNTY Indoor Air Pollution Drops 86 Percent Following Implementation of Delaware County Ordinance MUNCIE, Ind. – A new study indicates that workers are breathing easier, as bars have dramatically lower levels of indoor air pollution now than before Delaware County’s comprehensive smoke free air ordinance was adopted. In Delaware County, the […]

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Big Money Over Health

crony capitalism

When we choose our representatives that go to Washington, we expect them to carry out the difficult decisions of negotiating policies that benefit “we the people”. While protecting and creating jobs are important to our economy, nobody can argue that our growth at a global level is imposing forces to change those systems that do […]

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Tobacco Industry’s Design for Civil Wrongs


BY JUDY MAYS, Tobacco Control Advocate/Coordinator, Health Coalition of Delaware County At the very heart of the civil rights movement is the desire and demand for social equality. For over six decades, the tobacco industry has positioned favor in the African-American community by providing equal opportunity programs and financial support of important events and programs […]

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