Indiana: CNBC’s Business Friendly States Reveals Failed Policies

Let’s Compare ‘Business Friendly States’ MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – How would you like to make $365,000 for six weeks of work helping Governor Mike Pence shine up his tarnished reputation? Not a bad gig if you can get it. Well, this is exactly how much global propagandists, Porter Novelli, charged Hoosier taxpayers for repairing the […]

Government Wellness

Conservative Hoosier Physician Calls Out Polluters/Politicians

photo courtesy of MUNCIE, Indiana – After a long weekend under a slow news environment, I got very excited when I read an opinion piece about Infant Mortality Rates. It should be noted, I get very little excitement from the conservative newspapers dominating the Indiana landscape – most of them owned by Gannett, but […]

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What if the Tea Party had its Way? Become a Stop Sign in 2014 (And Why There’s No Such Thing as a Dead End)

The very best stories I am able to tell through words or images  find me. I’m just the vessel. And there is a hidden story screaming to be told through a photograph I took just a few months ago, in October 2013. This story found me as I flipped through the photos in my camera; an […]


Gallup Media Poll Dictates Fox News Business Model

Rarely do we get a glimpse into the plans of political strategists. They are safeguarded with maximum security and kept well hidden under lock and key (except in Indiana). Especially the billionaires who carefully orchestrate marketing, advertising and propaganda schemes at convincing voters to pull a lever in favor of the candidate they are backing […]