Indiana Education Reform Developed in Boardrooms

Rich Hoosiers Meddling in Indiana Education Reform By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana (BLOG)– There will be a march today in the Statehouse Atrium at 2:00 pm to protest the handling of democratically elected Superintendent of Public Education, Glenda Ritz. It’s mainly to protest the stripping of her powers by Governor Mike Pence and the Republican-led […]

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FreedomWorks: “Progressives” Behind Common Core?

FreedomWorks and Tea Party Attacking Public Education to Eliminate “Progressives” MUNCIE, Indiana – Never before in our history has the need to use skepticism and critical thinking been so abundantly necessary. The media doesn’t fact check, nor do they care where the information is coming from. If you’re Fox News, you have script writers who […]