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Media Echo Chambers Double Down on RussiaGate

How Do You Like Your RussiaGate? By: Todd Smekens Muncie, Indiana Blog – Somewhere between two parallel universes lies the truth but I’m not sure Americans want the truth. If social media tests are valid and sociological studies have credibility, we are sorting ourselves out by developing echo chambers or constant feedback loops where similar […]


Racism + Ignorance = Manipulation Politics

By: Todd Smekens Politicians Manipulate Instead of Truth Telling Hate and racism aren’t separate┬áissues from politics. I’ve written about this often and yet, even today, I’m still dismissed as “too political”. That’s funny when you consider how much Indiana loves its hate and also loves electing Republican lawmakers. Are they really connected? Inextricably. The Chicago […]


Iraq History: When a President & Journalists Get it Wrong

MUNCIE, Indiana – With all the news about the Sunni rebels called ISIS in Iraq, and “War Hawks” appearing on national media outlets beating the same war drums, we thought Hoosiers and Americans deserved a refresher course on the Iraq War propagandizing by former President and Vice President Bush and Cheney, respectively. However, they didn’t […]