Muncie Indiana: Tea Party Dupes Residents Again

MUNCIE, Indiana – In what has become a repetitive cycle over the past several years, the Tea Party, which uses the local “citizen organization” called Delaware County Citizens for Good Government, plays a month-long scam on city residents culminating with a giant lie on the residents who live on the south side of our town. […]


Who Looks Worse Post Hiatt Deal – BSU or Gannett?

What Grades Do We Give Gannett and Ball State? Local resident Chris Hiatt has been sharing his displeasure across social media channels regarding the “cozy relationship” between the StarPress and Ball State University. According to Hiatt, it would seem that the pages of our local newspaper are used as a “public relations department” for Ball […]


Fracking Republican Party in Muncie

Don’t look now, but there is a tea party coup on our hands in Muncie. Okay, it might not be a group of patriots from the far right-wing tea party, but there is some fracking going on within the republican party. Or, is fracking a freudian slip? Either way you look at it, the republican […]