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Striving for Perfection One day, I was standing on the porch looking up in the sky feeling extremely spiritual. I was waiting on my spirit guide so we could go to lunch and when he approached we walked together to the car. I asked him directly, “What’s the point of all this?” I thought it […]

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Social Media Is Undergoing a Transformation

BLOG – When I first started Muncie Voice back in 2011, my goal was to hold the local media accountable by giving citizens an alternative voice. The internet and the rise of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook made sharing and marketing articles a snap. Research important topics and share those findings. Expanding knowledge was the goal. […]


Why Journalism Will be Redefined in 2014

Muncie, Indiana – There has been much written about the National Security Agency (NSA) and the documents obtained by Edward Snowden as a contract employee for the federal government. A simple Google search will show many opinions about Mr. Snowden – opportunist or hero. We urge you to do a search for a different reason […]