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Governor Mike Pence Needs to Spend Time in Muncie

MUNCIE, Indiana – Every state leader wants to see their residents happy so they’ll want to stay and raise their families. While Governor Mike Pence denies, or plays coy, about his plans to run for president in 2016, his actions tell a different story. He’s almost trying too hard to get the attention of the […]


Thinking of Moving to Muncie Indiana?

Thinking of Moving to the Muncie Indiana Community? Dwight Eisenhower claimed “planning is everything,” but when it comes to moving to a great family environment, Americans need look no further than Muncie Indiana community. Known since 2007 as America’s “most affordable college town,” Muncie also offers a range of amenities that will prove attractive to […]


YMCA, Profit or Non-Profit (Part 4)

(This is Part 4 of a series of articles questioning the tax exempt status of the YMCA.) When you discuss the YMCA, you get plenty of feedback from community members. The talking points are the Y helps kids and poor people who cannot afford memberships. One of the Y’s members in Yorktown was quick to […]