Who’s Fighting Against Your Health?

With all the censorship occurring in the media marketplace, my writing has been restricted. With the ISPs now in control of the internet thanks to the Trump appointed FCC, it’s only going to get worse. However, I’ve kept up my daily writing and reading in the morning on Sheila Kennedy’s blog. Sheila is a professor […]

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‘Religious Freedom Bill’ Exposes the Ugly Side of Indiana

Religious Freedom Bill Brings Darkness to the Light MUNCIE, Indiana BLOG – None of the Indiana colleges played in the Final Four Men’s Basketball Tournament, but it was still an emotional week for Hoosiers across the state. A republican governor, with the support of a supermajority of republicans in Indianapolis, who were still feeling the […]


Indiana Lawmakers are Hoarding Hoosier’s Money

MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS – We’re enjoying the articles which applaud Governor Mike Pence’s honesty about overcharging Hoosiers $2 million through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). That’s a lot of money that has been taken away from Hoosiers needlessly. In fact, according to the press release, the BMV has a history of overcharging: The additional […]