Community Government

Drugs and Violence in Our Community

The announcement included below was sent to Ball State employees, but let’s share it with all citizens. There has been way too much violence in that area as local drug-using residents see early morning college students as easy targets. This must stop! Without much speculation, the motive was most likely to get money for drugs. […]


Maddow & Letterman – A Lingering Presence

It was a great experience for Ball State students to have Rachel Maddow and David Letterman in Muncie, Indiana on Friday, December 2nd to tape her nationally viewed MSNBC show. We heard one of the best jabs from Mr. Letterman was when he made reference to the UC Davis security guard who pepper-sprayed the Occupy […]


Occupy Muncie, or America?

In a recent article addressing the October 4-5 poll by Washington Post-ABC News, it referenced that 70% of American’s have deep protestations toward Wall Streets financial institutions, and that has been the impetus behind the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movements across the U.S. You can now add Muncie, IN, as another “occupy” site when a […]