‘Economic Elite’ Buy Shills (Craig Ladwig) – Lie to Hoosiers

(illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando) MUNCIE, Indiana – According to a recent article from T. Craig Ladwig, executive director of Indiana Policy Review, Americans, and specifically Hoosiers, are learning the tricks of the “Political Elite” and will set them straight. Here is his quote exactly: Because every couple of generations going back, say, to […]

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Indiana Tax Reform: We Must Identify the Sellouts

Art Laffer

(photo courtesy of mediamatters.com) With So Much at Stake, Hoosiers Must Be Vigilant With Tax Reform Muncie, Indiana – We expect more from our neighbor, Dr. Michael Hicks with Ball State’s College of Business and Economic Research, than laying down a bed of free market propaganda for Governor Mike Pence’s tax policy recommendations. Having access […]

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Indiana Youth Institute, “End Poverty With Better Education”?

Kids Count

MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS– This year’s Kids Count results from the Annie E. Casey Foundation have been released, and the Hoosier state has “mixed to improved education results”, according to most newspapers. A press release was sent out last week from the Indiana Youth Institute with several remarks about the report and most Hoosier newspapers simple […]

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Indiana Public Education: Two Visions Keep Colliding

A-F school grades

MUNCIE, Indiana – It’s been a super busy week for Indiana Public Education, and it’s only Wednesday. As long as we have two different visions for public education in this state, we’ll continue seeing power struggles. Hoosiers sent mixed messages two years ago, so the dysfunction of the 2012 election will continue playing out in […]

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ALEC, Gannett, Pence & Kochs: Partners in Deceiving Hoosiers?

tax plan

MUNCIE, Indiana – While writing this article yesterday and watching the World Cup match between Netherlands vs. Costa Rica, I kept getting flashbacks from the greatest con movie ever made – The Sting, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford. It’s a classic. The con artists run an elaborate scheme on a bad guy and take […]

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FreedomWorks: “Progressives” Behind Common Core?


FreedomWorks and Tea Party Attacking Public Education to Eliminate “Progressives” MUNCIE, Indiana – Never before in our history has the need to use skepticism and critical thinking been so abundantly necessary. The media doesn’t fact check, nor do they care where the information is coming from. If you’re Fox News, you have script writers who […]

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Glenda Ritz: “No Make up Snow Days for Indiana Schools”; Fights Disaster Capitalism

glenda ritz

Photo taken by Aimee Fant at Murpah Shrine Club, Muncie, Indiana Glenda Ritz Stands for Common Sense Muncie, Indiana – As if Indiana needed another reason to support Glenda Ritz in her common-sense efforts to improve the Indiana educational system and keep it intact, according to Lydia Sheaks of the¬†Elkhart Truth, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz […]

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CMD Launches ‘Outsourcing America’ Website

Outsourcing America Exposed

Image by Mark Fiore for CMD The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), publishers of the award-winning ALECexposed.org, launched OutsourcingAmericaExposed.org, a web resource devoted to helping taxpayers identify the corporations seeking to privatize public assets and services in their communities: including their schools, roads, prisons, drinking water, court systems, and more. Once a week for […]

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CAFOs: Big Ag Pulls Incriminating Internet Image


Muncie, Indiana – Muncie Voice has commented on the amount of confined animal feed operations (CAFOs) that have crept into Indiana since Mitch Daniels was governor. Mitch invited them into our state and then weakened state regulations on them allowing CAFOs free rein. Many readers don’t believe our government would do this. In fact, if […]

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