How Digital Payment Systems for Business is Changing

Small Businesses Must React Quickly to Tech Changes Businesses are not only changing the shop window to facilitate an ever-evolving commercial landscape, but innovations in the financial sector are also occurring behind the scenes in the form of payment systems. Businesses must use an efficient payment system for customers and meet modern expectations, so whether […]


How Telemedicine and AI Are Improving Healthcare Access

As the population ages, the need for skilled healthcare providers will only grow. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system, burdened as it currently is with a significant labor shortage, is little prepared to cope with the rapidly increasing demand. Not all the news is dire, however.  Thanks to the advent of telemedicine and healthcare AI, technology […]


How AI Delivers Superior Sales Engagement

When New York Harley-Davidson dealer Asaf Jacobi needed to increase his lagging winter sales, he turned to artificial intelligence to measure, and then autonomously optimize, the outcomes of his company’s marketing campaigns. Following a friend’s recommendation, Jacobi tried out Adgorithm, an AI-powered automated marketing platform. Algorithm’s AI engine analyzed Jacobi’s CRM data to identify the […]


Robotic Process Automation: Are You Ready for This New Digital Employee?

Robotic Process Automation Is No Longer Sci-Fi By: Todd Smekens BLOG – When you hear terms like robotic process automation, a personal assistant device Alexa and supercomputer Watson may come to mind. Indeed, those cognitive computing innovations represent the highest level of artificial intelligence under development today. But where this technology may be difficult to […]